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Lavender 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden-10 ml Value Pack

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Lavender 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden-10 ml Value Pack

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL Among the most popular essential oils worldwide, lavender is a timeless, tranquil scent promoting calm, peaceful serenity. Experience the peace of mind, focus, and calming floral aroma of this famous flower with our pure Bulgarian Lavender essential oils. Apply directly to promote healthy skin and soothe conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne, or simply enjoy the aromatherapy that comes with this botanical treasure. IDEAL FOR ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSERS Lavender oil is ideal for use with aroma diffusers and humidifiers to fill your home or office workspace with the calming and rejuvenating aromas of this all natural oil. Lavender oil is also a natural insect repellent, allowing you to enjoy nature without harsh smelling bug sprays. CHOOSE A SIZE THAT’S BEST FOR YOU All essential oils are packaged in glass amber bottles and include a pipette dropper ensuring only the finest freshness. Oils are available in 5,10, 30, 100 mL sizes and make the perfect gift. PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE OILS Every batch of Edens Garden essential oils is GS MS tested to ensure 100% theraputic grade purity. Our all natural oils are pesticide, herbicide, and GMO free for use in aromatherapy treatments, skincare and beauty products, respiratory health, insomnia and sleep aids, stress relief, and as a cleansing botanical astringent. THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE Our oils are delivered directly from our gardens to your home to ensure the highest standard of freshness and purity. Edens Garden is proudly owned and operated by hardworking entrepreneurial women who place environmental purity and product safety first. 10% of our proceeds are donated to a variety of charitable organizations. Edens Garden Lavender Essential Oil Available in 5, 10, 30, 100 mL glass bottles Therapeutic Grade Dropper not included with 100 mL Bottles Free Guide

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Henny~Penny says:

Now, I;m not blaming EG for this problem..the actual product is fine! Now, I;m not blaming EG for this problem..the actual product is fine! But, I bought the wrong Lavender essential oil:( This particular lavender eo smells like dried lavender that has been in a dark,cool barn for month’s. There’s nothing wrong with that,if that’s the aroma you’re looking for. For me, I much rather prefer French Lavender. That’s the one that put’s you to sleep,and the aroma of the french lav. is fabulous!!! I’ve added a great picture below of the different lavenders EG offers…

Sweet says:

The difference makes all the difference.. Being new to working with essential oils, I initially chose Eden’s Garden based on reviews and price point, and I haven’t been disappointed until purchasing this lavender oil. My impression on opening the bottle was that it didn’t smell quite right: certainly not like the lavender in Gramma’s garden that scented my childhood days. Since it is the oil of lavender, and not the plant itself, I figured that explained the disconnect, and since I had bought it for the oil’s disinfectant and healing…

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